SOMA, July 4, 2011










My Fellow Public Servants, members of this August Body, our Municipal Vice-Mayor, to all of us,  Good Morning. Once again, I am here to deliver and report to this Body the state of all development within our jurisdiction of authority. Allow me then to present our milestone efforts in the past and immediate year.





    1. ETRACS. Budget. We cannot work without a practical, economical but a working budget which brings out effective and efficient public service. We all know that we are IRA-dependent. However, this does not mean we are not doing something to overcome the situation. Yes, we are still far from economical stability and independence from IRA, yet we are adopting measures towards this end. ETRACS (Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment Collection System) is one solution. It is one of the components of the Australian Aid for PRMF (Provincial Road Management Facility) wherein Dimiao is one of the Five (5) Pilot Towns to be a recipient of a 5-kilometer all-weather graveled road development in the amount of Forty Million Pesos (40M or P 40,000,000.00). ETRACS is the computerization of our revenue collection system. And we are proud to announce that for the second year of implementation, ETRACS has generated a 200% increase in Business Permits. Further, we are now on the initial stage of using ETRACS in our Real Property Taxes (RPT), soon, our LGU shall enjoy the increase in RPT collections just as what happened to our business permits.
    2. Constant Consultation. Our consultative meetings have always proven to be an effective tool to address current and pressing problems, not to mention the coordination meeting with our very able and competent Sangguniang Bayan Members. Because of this, we are able to make due and appropriate actions necessary to be in control of management and commandeer the implementation of developmental projects up to the present.


  1. DBM-DILG-COA Circular Memorandum.
    1. On 20% Development Utilization. We are all aware that the recent Memorandum-Circular of DILG Secretary Robredo on the Utilization of the 20% Development Fund has created chaos and turmoil in Local Governance and generated various violent reactions all over the country. This circular has prohibited all maintenance measures and allows only capital outlay construction or purchase for new project endeavors disallowing wages and compensation without a capital outlay component. In the meantime that all local government units, including cities and provinces, are lobbying for a win-win solution to this problem, I immediately ordered our budget Officer and MPDO to redesign our 20% Development Fund to be able to accommodate our needs and survive this challenge. So indeed, we revised our 20% Development Fund, along with our Municipal Risk Reduction Management Fund winning the COA approval on the matter as we are able to accommodate our present needs and had, in fact, anticipated even better projections for the years to come.
    2. On R.A. 9003. DILG Secretary Robredo, just last month, again released another Memorandum-Circular on the strict implementation of Republic Act 9003 on Solid Waste Management requiring all LGUs to strictly comply to the provisions of the said law. In testimony to this, that he meant serious business, in the province of Bohol alone, five (5) LGUs including Tagbilaran City has been legally sued by DENR through the SWM Commission for violation of R.A. 9003, along with the hundreds of other LGUs in the country. Upon receipt of the said memorandum, I immediately convened the Technical Working Group for Solid Waste Management to assess our present condition, and upon realizing that we have severe lapses and setbacks on this aspect, I immediately ordered our Municipal Engineer and MPDO to attend to the immediate rehabilitation of our Municipal Waste Containment Facility, to put in place our Residual Waste Containment Facility (RCF) and Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and make the appropriate action for the roofing of the RCF, the clearing of the dumpsite and the perimeter fencing of the whole area and to beat the time and come out with the result within one week. They have started the work, and we are now half-way to completion.




    1. Barangay Community Participation. This coming July 7, 2011, there will be an ABC session. I have instructed my staff, to disseminate the necessary documents for all barangays, for their compliance on the activation and organization of their Solid Waste Management Program (for RA 9003), their BDRRM Program for RA 10121, massive  reforestation and vegetable gardening of our Agricultural programs, among others.
    2. “Purok” Mobilization. The best way to mobilize the community is through clustering or grouping of households into smaller groups with their own leaders and organization panel. Easier to mobilize and monitor sharing of labor and assignments and group responsibilities. However all clusterings must be filtered and finalized in the general assembly for everyone to know and be informed, updated and abridged.
    3. Radio Network. We believe that the most effective tool to bring about development is fast and accurate communication. Thus, we have maintained, rehabilitated our municipal-baramgay radio communication network.


    1. Environment. This is our only world. This is our only habitat, If we destroy it, where else shall we go? It is a must that whatever we do, the environment should be given the highest priority consideration. We have to maximize our resources and spearhead for more development but never at the expense of the environment. This is our strongest treasure, we have to harness it, protect it and preserve it.

–    Waste Management. Environmental Sanitation is of prime importance, in this line, waste management comes as a priority issue. We have procured a new and bigger dump truck for this purpose which is now operational and in use.

–    Coastal Resource Management. We have our Fish Sanctuary, Mangrove Reforestation and Bantay-Dagat Program are of prime importance, in this line, vigilance and active involvement is necessary. Through the years, our CRM program has proven effective, slowly, but consistent in our efforts, we are now enjoying the revival of our marine habitat and witnessed the increase in the daily fish-catch of our marginal fishermen.


    1. Tourism Development. During our last ELA Formulation, we have added in our municipal vision: to become an agri-eco-tourism destination in the province. With this vision, we are committed to exert all efforts to become one good tourism destination.

Ermita Development. As a unique historical landmark, we have initiated the rehabilitation of the Ermita Ruins and are successful in our efforts. We are now 50% complete on this project.

– . CRM Boardwalk. We have started the boardwalk project in our marine sanctuary in Taongon Can-andam, once completed, mangrove huts will be constructed and will make Dimiao a Mangrove tourism destination site, as well as a CRM learning destination

– . Children’s Rondalla. We have supported the growth of the children’s rondalla right from the start, and they have gained honors for the name of our town. We have supported the creation of a development Foundation to support the Dimiao Children’s Rondalla.


    1. On Peace and Order. Soon, by end of July or early August, this year, we shall witness the start of the construction of the new PNP Building as we have insistently followed-up and place all efforts for the acquisition of the budget for the said project.
    2. Farm-to-Market Road. We are attending to the rehabilitation of most and major road networks because we believe that connecting people will also bring about access to development.
    3. Water Service Development. We have rehabilitated and reinforced our water pipelines, and even extended our efforts to the protection of our water sources. We believe that good service will give us a good return of income from water service revenues.


    1. H – Health & Sanitation. We have maintained our Municipal Infirmary and was able to elevate our hospital services to secondary level. Our MHO, has consistently advocated BNS and BHW trainings for nutrition and health programs, maternal care and pre and post-natal care, along with other programs like anti-dengue campaign, vaccinations, feeding and other anti-disease campaigns. We also have increased our budget for the payment of PhilHealth Premiums thereby increasing the number of PhilHealth Beneficiaries from 80 % to 87 % of the total number of household in the entire municipality covering around 2,790 household out of 3,213 households.


    1. E – Economic. Micro-Entrepreneurs. Extending small business capital for clusters in the community, teaching them proper bookkeeping, accounting and business management.
    2. A – Agriculture. Backyard Gardening. “Malungay sa bawat Tahanan”, along with other common vegetables, like pechay, kamatis, talong, okra, kalabasa, etc. This will not only ensure security of food, “pagkain sa bawat mesa”, but this will further enhance the values of “sikap, sipag at tiyaga”, “kapag may itinanim may aanihin”, “Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga”. This further acknowledges the natural cycle of nature, from the seeds to nursing seedlings to planting to plant tending until harvest time accepting that time is an inevitable factor to consider in life, there are no shortcuts, no instant prizes, we all have to go through time with efforts and dedication. We have included in our flagship programs massive reforestation and watershed protection, among others
    3. L – Livelihood. (Through our Municipal Social Welfare Office) We have made available livelihood skills training to the people. This is people empowerment. Trainings like food processing, hair dressing, dressmaking and tailoring, automotive and building wiring installation, driving and cosmetics, mat-weaving, basketry and other handicraft. Along with other programs like welfare of women and children, the senior citizen, among others.


Finally, we are now on the crossroad of challenges, our CLUP (Comprehensive Land Use Plan), our CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan), now have reached their term limits, and they need to be revised, amended and reviewed to plan once again for the next six to ten years ahead. So we shall sit and plan again, I shall be happy to hear from each and every one of your great ideas in the planning stage along with other stakeholders. I always believe that alone, it is an impossible dream, “isa siyang suntok sa buwan, ika nga”, but together, in unity, we can do it, “sama-sama, kakayanin natin lahat”.


Oh yes, we have traveled far in terms of development from what was Dimiao before to what it is now, however, the pace of change has rather multiplied and accelerated in a faster rate that if we will not move, we shall be left behind . . . but we are ready, and by all means, we shall bring Dimiao to a better life . . . to a better future, to a better Dimiao. Thank you and More Power. God bless us all. END.







Municipal Mayor